Antara bahan-bahan yang terkandung dalam Phero-X

Antara bahan-bahan yang terkandung dalam Phero-X

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Gabungan 8 Pheromones Manusia

Androstenone – Enhances the perception of male dominance. Causes sexual arousal in women. May cause aggression in some males, however this characteristic is “buffered”.

Androstanone – “Buffers” the potentially objectionable reaction to androstenes, powerfully reinforces the social effects. Causes women to engage in sexually promiscuous conversation.

Androsterone – Reinforces characteristics of androstenone. Promotes the sense of “trust” with potential mates. Lacks the aggressive dominance profile seen with androstenone.

Androstenol – Social pheromone which elicits a strong social-lubricant effect, and reduces inhibitions. When combined with certain pheromones, opens the door to sexual arousal.

Dehydroisoandrosterone – Androgynous pheromone that has mild pheromonal effects alone. When combined with certain pheromones, uniquely reinforces the effect and character of each. Also is a fixative that moderates odor and promotes the linear time release of pheromones into the air.

Epoxyestratrienol – Novel and proprietary pheromone. Structure is based upon a modified 16,17-epoxy-estratrien compound which has been investigated for use to alleviate a woman’s irritability during ovulation. Demonstrates strong pheromonal effects.

Tetrahydrodeoxycorticosterone – Novel and proprietary pheromone. Modified corticosteroid which lacks systemic corticosteroidal or endocrinological effects. Demonstrates extremely powerful “pheromone-like” activity. Continues to exert pheromone like effects for up to several hours after exposure, whereas androstenes lose effect within minutes.

Oxytocin Analog – Is a modified peptide based upon Oxytocin. Creates strong feelings of trust and deep connection. Demonstrates approximately 60,000% greater affinity vs. Oxytocin. Both compounds have large heavy molecules weights exceeding 1000 grams/mole. Therefore, the minute quantities of airborne Oxytocin cause negligible results. Using a far more powerful analog of Oxytocin ensures that the minute airborne quantities elicit substantial pheromonal results.

Dipetik dari Risalah Morgan Labs LLC.
"If you are not a chemist, some of the chemical names above may sound unsafe to you. Rest assured that Morgan Labs LLC pheromones contains only small amounts not to cause any adverse reactions, but strong enough to release ample amounts of pheromone molecules into the air. The VNO in the nose is sensitive and can detect trace amounts of these molecules."




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