okeyhh..in this video,we all from Unique Sandakan Magic Club who has aspire and created by HERMAN MAN and 2other’s person ..hehehe.. okeyh,the first person who was im catch in this video his name is FAIZAL,his actually new in USMC,but he’s pretty cool person and good pick up.. and the second person is Wan Tudor,his got a new glamour name before WAN STRING and WAN MANDOR..hahahahahaha.. he’s the funny guy u know.. okey the 3rd person in this video who’s wearing the white singlet is Zakry Zudin,he’s also the funny person sometime’s,hahaha..also the pretty cool and good pick up too.. and 2nd last other person his name is Raiz,he’s also still new in USMC,but like what just i say to other my friend is,he’s also a pretty cool person,good pick up also.. and the last person is Along,hahahaha he was good teacher for PB,not magic or what..just PB,that is a big secret what i can’t tell u all about this PB meaning..huhuhu..last word from me,i hope u all enjoy watching this video and don’t forget if u feel free,leave a some comment k.. have a nice day ^^


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