Tips That Might Help You Attract the Man You Like


This article is especially for women. Every women wants to attract men. In this article, you will get some simple and non-complicated flirting tips that you can do without actually saying what you want. As experts say, body language is the best way of telling a guy you actually like him or is interested to meet him.

A woman has one of the best flirting tips and that is her smile. Women smile is good weapon to attract any man. Just make sure that you are not staring at him in an intimidating way.

Whenever you are talking with man, be relaxed and confident with yourself. It means standing tall and taking a deep breath before letting your body language tell what you want to convey to the man you wanted to attract. This will help you stay calm and look even sexier for him.


Another flirting tips for women is their hands and hair. Flicking, touching or stroking your hair can be signs that you are interested in men. You can also leave your hands open to show sign of honesty. Stroking your hair while smiling and at the same time do eye contact. This will also send a clue that you like him, but remember one thing, not to overdo.

Wearing red color is also sending clue. Red is a good color to wear when you want to flirt because it is a sensual color that represents sex and power and gives a notion of excitement among men. But this should be worn with caution as it may send a wrong signal to the man you are eyeing for.


Another effective flirting tips is swaying your lips. Try to attract your men with lips , and with your dress. For you to become noticeable, you may want to wear red lipstick or an interesting pair of earrings.


Aside from the non-verbal flirting techniques mentioned above, knowing how to start small talks and appearing approachable and available will also help you attract a potential boyfriend. Some men love it if a woman would make the first move to talk to them.

But before doing all these make sure that the guy is genuine. Don’t use these to a man you are not sure of or you feel unsafe with. Remember that the most effective flirting tips are the simplest ones. You can still convey to a man that you are interested in him by not being too flirtatious to avoid the perception of being an “easy” girl.


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